Tethered iPhones

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Will They Be Too Much To Handle?

Internet tethering is the process of connecting your cell phone to your computer, and using the phone as a modem. Once your phone is tethered to your computer, you then utilize the wireless 3G network to browse the internet at your leisure. This sounds like a fantastic idea, however it presents a couple of issues.

First off, the iPhone is not meant to tether. There are no straight-forward ways to allow it to tether, though someone managed to find them. Steve Troughton-Smith tweeted about how he managed to hack the tethering features, but doesn’t quite know how he did it.

Apple has brought up the idea of tethering made into a feature in the new iPhone 3.0, however it brings some memories to mind, on whether AT&T’s 3G network could even handle iPhones being used in this way.

At the South By Southwest Festival (SXSW), the iPhones overwhelmed AT&T’s 3G network from all of the browsing. Can you imagine what a bunch of computers using all of that data will do to their network? iPhone’s popularity is great news, especially with the use of all of their media plans, but is it becoming too much for their network to handle?

It looks like both AT&T and Apple are going to have to assess the capabilities of what they’re offering to people, before their whole network fails from overload. If that happened, there would be a lot more unhappy cell phone users running around.

My WiFi: Personal Area Connection

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We live in an age where everybody wants everything wireless, and fast. Where there’s a demand, there’s a creation to accommodate that demand. Introducing: My Wifi technology.

My Wifi, in a nutshell, uses the built in wireless capability of your laptop, paired with Intel’s Centrino 2 technology, and creates a Personal Area Connection (PAN). Once this PAN has been created, you can control and link to up to eight WiFi-enabled devices at a time. You can control each item independently, utilizing their features without a concern of causing a problem with another. From digital picture frames to printers, My Wifi makes it incredibly easy to control these external devices with the touch of a button (or a few keys and mouse clicks).

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Imagine a world free of wires. No cords strung across your office, ready to trip you at any time. No drilling of holes in walls, or floors or ceilings to connect electronics between floors. No tangled cords. Pretty groovy idea, if you ask me.

My Wifi’s capabilities are not currently available to the public. However, it will be available for download during the first half of this year.

Stay connected with Techonoid and we’ll let you know when it’s officially released!

AccuWeather for iPhone

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New Apps for the iPhone tend to make more news than any other electronic out there. There is always something that is iPhone newsworthy.

This little application is quite helpful, especially with all of the recent harsh weather we have been experiencing this winter. has released an app for the iPhone to keep in touch with current conditions in the outside world.

“AccuWeather provides just enough information on the home screen to let you know it’s a weather app: current temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, and ‘RealFeel’.” Macworld’s iPhone Central explains.

It seems that iPhone has acquired yet another application that is not only beneficial to the users, but also to Apple.

Nevermind Vista, What’s Windows 7?

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Microsoft is moving on from Vista, one of their biggest flops ever, and working on Windows 7.

Windows 7 Beta was due to be released early 2009, but has been leaked. Microsoft isn’t exactly upset about this, but the new operating system is still in its early stages of development. According to InformationWeek’s article, Windows isn’t planning on releasing the full version until late 2009, early 2010.

Mozilla Firefox 3.0.5

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Firefox has remained strong with Chrome’s introduction, and only continues to get better.

Mozilla has been a trusted open source company for a long time now. People prefer Firefox over IE, even through the buggy problems that Firefox has had. It runs faster, it’s less of a security issue, and even though it doesn’t come standard on computers, it is quickly sought out by users who have had a taste of it.

With Security Issues and Stability Issues at the top of their list, many of these major bugs have been resolved. This is absolutely The Best Firefox Yet.

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