Apple Releases New Snow Leopard Beta Build

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Apple has released a new beta of its upcoming Snow Leopard version of Mac OS X, Ars Technica reports.

Snow Leopard — version 10.6 — was announced as a quieter update than other recent versions of Apple’s flagship operating system. The company touted under the hood performance tuning this time around, rather than a host of slam-bang new features.

Ars notes that there have been few changes in this most recent update, as the company is drawing closer to the expected release this summer around the time of the Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Apple is encouraging developers to test 64-bit kernel extensions in the latest build, and there are some crashing problems with QuickTime X and Rosetta. There is no mention of the rumored UI enhancements coming with Snow Leopard. Apple is likely saving those for a dramatic unveiling at WWDC.

Apple is also working on an update to Leopard. Ars reports that the company is still testing Mac OS X 10.5.7, which should be released any day now.

iPhone: Not For Serious Use

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iPhone Games

As part of Apple’s celebration of the iTunes App Store nearing one billion downloads, the company has updated iTunes with a listing of the top 20 most downloaded apps — both paid and free.

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Apple shuttering .Mac HomePage

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The last of the old iTools is finally going away. Apple announced that the .Mac HomePages, the user-friendly, dead-simple Web galleries and group sites that have been around since the days of Bondi Blue, will have its lights turned off on July 7, 2009. Existing MobileMe users will still keep their pages, but they won’t be editable and users won’t be able to create new pages, TUAW reports.

Apple’s full announcement recommends MobileMe Galleries as a photo gallery replacement, and of course iWeb for home pages. These have been standard features in iLife for a while now. It’s just sad to see the last of original iTools bite the dust.