Nevermind Vista, What’s Windows 7?

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Microsoft is moving on from Vista, one of their biggest flops ever, and working on Windows 7.

Windows 7 Beta was due to be released early 2009, but has been leaked. Microsoft isn’t exactly upset about this, but the new operating system is still in its early stages of development. According to InformationWeek’s article, Windows isn’t planning on releasing the full version until late 2009, early 2010.

Mozilla Firefox 3.0.5

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Firefox has remained strong with Chrome’s introduction, and only continues to get better.

Mozilla has been a trusted open source company for a long time now. People prefer Firefox over IE, even through the buggy problems that Firefox has had. It runs faster, it’s less of a security issue, and even though it doesn’t come standard on computers, it is quickly sought out by users who have had a taste of it.

With Security Issues and Stability Issues at the top of their list, many of these major bugs have been resolved. This is absolutely The Best Firefox Yet.

Google Chrome Without the Beta

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In early September, the internet buzz was all about Google Chrome. Chrome swept across online journals like a mid-summer heat wave. Consumed by Google’s newest Beta release, everyone was analyzing the browser down to the most minuscule flaws. Now, after a few months of adjustments, Google has secured Chrome to their liking and has dropped the ‘Beta’ for their official stable release.

December 11th, Google’s official blog confirmed and explained their newest and official release. Several adjustments were made based on feedback from their users. It is still a little early to tell if everything they did solved all of the bugs, but it is certainly on the right track. Here are the points it focused on:

  • More stable audio and video
  • Faster start-up and run time
  • More manageable bookmark features
  • Emphasis on security

All of these were of high concern to their users, and thus high concern of the Google team. Google thanked all of those who submitted their feedback to help improve their browsing creation.

Google does not claim to have fixed everything, and are currently working on even more improvements. They say they are working on an extensions feature which will benefit Mac and Linux users in particular, and an RSS addition that will please many. They are dedicated to adding on to what has already shown to be a step up in the browsing world.

The future of Chrome looks bright. It’s safe to say, that with continued maintenance, excellent support, and a strong team, Google Chrome may prove to be one of, if not the best browser out there.

Spamming Back On The Rise

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Recently, two Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) denied service to the Mcolo Corp., which in short caused them to shut down. Spam, the large amounts of nonsense emails entering inboxes across the globe, decreased as a result of this and offered a small relief to internet users everywhere. Unfortunately, spamming is back on the rise.
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